Biography of the Expert

Randy Koch is an expert in working with texture analyzers for testing, data analysis, service, training and custom projects. With a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University, his 35 years of experience include a wide range of applications in physical testing.
  • Randy has worked in professional capacities at North Carolina State University’s Food Rheology Lab, MTS Systems Electro-Mechanical Testing Division, Zwick USA, and Texture Technologies Corporation. During this time, Randy has held positions as an applications engineer, customer service engineer, internal/external trainer, sales support engineer, instrument salesman, and regional manager. While at NCSU, he completed three graduate level classes in statistics including statistical process/quality control.
  • Over the years, Randy has worked with many clients to help them automate the testing process and to help them to understand the quality of their product as well as the effect variables have on final product texture.
  • Randy’s skills include working with a wide range of equipment from various manufacturers such as:
 Stable Micro Systems, MTS Systems, Instron, Zwick, Food Technology, and Brookfield.
  • He also has extensive experience with applications using other lab equipment such as:
DMA rheometers, viscometers, temperature/humidly measurement devices, torsion testers, impact testers, and robotics.
  • Additional experience includes fixture design, programming, PID control, robotics, rheology, and statistical process/quality control.
Randy’s trademark is his excellent customer care: he listens to his customers, diagnoses root issues, and provides optimal solutions for them.
In his leisure time, you will find Randy running, reading, taking long walks on the beach, or playing his violin, guitar, bass, or mandolin.
Because of Randy’s broad experience over the past three decades in the texture arena across a wide range of industries and applications, many people know him as, “the guy to call with textural problems and questions" – Texture Guy.